CORE Repository Edition

Premium subscription package with tailored support

  • Discoverability

    Increased discoverability

  • Functionality

    Enhanced functionality

  • Support

    Guaranteed support levels

CORE Repository Edition offers a suite of powerful tools and guaranteed support for libraries, repositories and their content managers in the following three areas:

  • Discoverability – increased discoverability of the institution's research outputs via search engines, library discovery systems, third-party repositories, PubMed, Microsoft Academic Search and other data providers.
  • Functionality – enhanced functionality for repositories and research content management, including REF article-level open access compliance assessment, repository data enrichment and validation.
  • Support – Guaranteed support in the area of issue tracking, funder reporting and interoperability management of repository data.

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By integrating with CORE, a repository can make their content far more visible than as a standalone institution. This is achieved by CORE exposing the content via CORE Search, CORE Discovery browser extension, CORE Recommender and many other widely used scholarly infrastructure services including PubMed and Microsoft Academic.

On average a repository’s membership in CORE increases total overall downloads of content by an average of 15% and up to 32.5% for repositories following interoperability guidelines. All downloads from CORE are monitored and attributable back to the originating repository which means that the HEI remains in full control of its usage data.

Subscription to CORE Repository Edition means that a repository has a guaranteed re-harvesting rate of a maximum of 14 days to ensure rapid discoverability of new content.


CORE Repository Edition comes with full access to an enhanced CORE Repository Dashboard.

Research England announced they will be using CORE data in the REF 2021 OA Audit. CORE provides to subscribing UK HEIs tools to prepare their REF submission and avoid submitting non-compliant outputs.

  • REF 2021 OA deposit compliance information for hosted content.
  • Cross-repository REF 2021 compliance matching.

Additionally, CORE enriches repository’s data by triangulating with Microsoft Academic Graph, Crossref and others to gather missing identifiers and improve the quality and accuracy of existing data in repositories. More specifically, the enhanced CORE Repository Dashboard offers DOI data enrichment for repositories.

Finally, CORE provides a powerful range of add-on tools for repositories that enhance the control of content for repository managers and improve the end-user experience. These repository plugins include:

  • Discovery – automatically guide users to Open Access versions of content where this content is not hosted by the repository itself.
  • Recommender – greatly enhances a repository's own search functionality.


Subscription to CORE Repository Edition comes with guaranteed customer support services. Initial help is provided to ensure interoperability of the repository with CORE and other services. This includes data schemas, such as RIOXX, developed for UK funders to link funded projects with research outputs. While continuous monitoring, issue detection and tracking tools are provided in the CORE Repository Dashboard, CORE Repository Edition users can rely on dedicated technical support.

Additional support is also offered to enable repositories to gain maximum exposure for their content.

Support services are provided with an average response time of 1 business day.

In addition to all the listed benefits, you will become part of the CORE network of institutions and receive recognition of your institution supporting open access. If you agree, the logo of your institution will be placed in the public list of CORE supporters.

What’s included

Our CORE Repository Edition provides you with:

  • Access to the percentage of papers that are non-compliant, e.g. outputs that were deposited 90 days or more after publication according to REF 2021 Open Access Policy
  • Enhanced technical support
  • Ability to download all repository’s deposit dates as a CSV
  • Access to an extended deposit time lag chart
  • Browsing of article deposit dates
  • Access to a cross-repository compliance matching tool

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