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CORE vision and mission

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P. Knoth, D. Herrmannova, M. Cancellieri, L. Anastasiou, N. Pontika, S. Pearce, B. Gyawali and D. PrideIn Nature Scientific Data 10, 366 (2023)

This paper introduces CORE, describes CORE’s continuously growing dataset and the motivation behind its creation, presents the challenges associated with systematically gathering research papers from thousands of data providers worldwide at scale and outlines the solutions developed to overcome these challenges. It provides an in-depth discussion of the services and tools built on top of the indexed content and finally examines several use cases that have leveraged the CORE dataset and services.

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P. Knoth and Z. ZdrahalD-Lib Magazine, 18 (11/12)

Sets the vision for creating the CORE service, developing global-wide content aggregation of all open access research literature (on top of OAI-PMH protocol for metadata harvesting and other protocols). It sets the mission to develop the three access levels (access at the granularity of papers; analytical access; access to raw data) via CORE.

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